Hirer’s liability

Lucky Rentals requires a bank pre-authorisation of the excess/bond amount (or a AU$250 minimum whichever is greater) from the hirer’s credit or debit card.
The hirer is liable for all damages to the vehicle regardless of who is at fault. If the hirer is not at fault, and a third party admits liability, then a refund will be processed upon receipt of payment from the third party. The hirer is liable for all damages to a third party vehicle and/or property if the hirer is at fault.

The hirer’s liability is covered by Lucky Rentals’ insurance policy to a maximum of AU$5,000,000.

Insurance does not cover the hirer’s personal belongings.

The hirer is fully liable for any and all damages or costs when:

  • These terms and conditions are breached
  • Negligence or wilful misconduct has occurred
  • Incorrect or contaminated fuel is used (this includes running out of fuel or putting fuel in the water tank or system)
  • The vehicle is used in contravention of any legislation or regulation
  • The hirer takes the vehicle onto a beach or sand
  • The vehicle becomes submerged, flooded, bogged or immobile
  • The hirer does not obey height-restricted areas (such as, but not limited to, car parking buildings) and damage is caused to the roof of the vehicle
  • The hirer is involved in a single vehicle rollover. This includes, but is not limited to, a vehicle that has rolled, tipped, or fallen over on its side
  • Driving on gravel or unsealed roads (there are no restrictions on which roads the vehicle can be driven on, however, travel on gravel or unsealed roads voids all liability limitations)
  • Retrieving, storing and recovering the vehicle to the agreed rental location following an accident
  • The hirer has failed to stop and contact Lucky Rentals when a warning light appears on the dashboard
  • The hirer continues to drive the vehicle following the temperature gauge moving in a direction which shows a departure from the normal operating temperature
  • The hirer continues to drive the vehicle after a mechanical breakdown or failure (including an accident) has occurred
  • The hirer has an accident involving an animal whilst driving between dusk and dawn (night driving) outside of any city limits.
  • The hirer, at Lucky Rentals request, does not complete an insurance claim form following an accident
  • Any and all costs resulting from, but not limited to, an accident or breakdown occurring while traversing the are defined by Lucky Rentals as the Outback without having selected and paid for the Outback Fee as described in these terms and conditions

Excess reduction options

There are three levels of excess reduction options available to the hirer:

  • The Gambler
    Lucky Rentals’ rates include standard vehicle cover with an excess/bond of AU$3000. i.e. There is no extra cost.
  • On the Fence
    The hirer can pay an additional AU$20 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) and reduce the excess/bond to AU$2000.
  • Sure Thing
    The hirer can pay an additional AU$30 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) and reduce the excess/bond to AU$0.

 Sure Thing excess reduction includes the following:

  • One complete windscreen replacement or multiple windscreen chips
  • Multiple tyre replacement
  • Free extra drivers

For peace of mind, Lucky Rentals recommends the hirer take Sure Thing excess reduction option.

Outback Fee

Outback Fee of an additional AU$10 per day will apply to all hires of the Lucky Rookie and Lucky Roamer traversing through areas defined by Lucky Rentals as the Outback and is irrespective of how many days of the hire are spent in the Outback.

If an Outback Fee is not paid for at pick up of the vehicle, then the hirer is fully liable for the costs of any accident, irrespective of fault, and / or breakdown of the vehicle that occurs in such areas. 

We have tried to implement the Outback Fee so you can visit most of the main sites / places in Australia without needing to pay the extra $10 per day. We just don’t want you to drive 10 hours into the middle of the desert, off road, across country in mental heats, and then have a breakdown – it sucks for everyone! It is all good if you only plan to travel on the permitted routes (black roads) or in the permitted areas (white stuff) as you don’t need to worry about the Outback Fee.

Download this map of Australia so see if your holiday falls within an area requiring an Outback Fee.