Lucky Rookie

Lucky Rookie

Boom! The Lucky Rookie has landed in Australia!
Our new Lucky Rookie is pretty much a spaceship from the future – it’s a race car mixed with a hostel room giving you the freedom to trip Down Under and just park up for some mean ZZZs. It may be dirt cheap but this ex-JUCY camper is jam packed with a double bed, cooking facilities straight out of Masterchef – that’s a lie – , storage for Africa, a chiller for the beers and cold running water to impress your mates. It they are not impressed, who needs friends when you have a Ferrari…
We will go as far to say that the Lucky Rookie is more than perfect for a couple or two very close friends on a budget who would prefer to spend their hard earned cash on all the crap Aussie is famous for – snorkeling, surfing, looking at kangaroos and grabbing a Barramundi Burger (a must do!).
Because you are Lucky we will even chuck in some bedding and cooking equipment for you to get dirty…. we won’t ask questions. Wicked.


  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Tarago
  • Year(s): 1997-1999
  • Engine: 2.4L
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Fuel Consumption: 10-12 Litres per 100k
  • Passengers: 2
  • Luggage: 2
  • Main Bed: 1.9m x 1.3m
  • Width: 1.60m
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Interior Height: 1.20m
  • Length: 4.6m
  • Audio: CD Player & radio (iPod plug)
  • Steering: Power steering
  • Seating: 2 bench seats that convert to double bed
  • Cooker: Gas Cooker (1 burner)
  • Water: Hand pumped cold water
  • Lighting: Interior Lights (12v)
  • Equipment: Living equipment supplied. Bedding available from $10 per hire
  • Storage: Storage under the bench seats
  • Tanks: Tanks (10L water)


We do recommend our “Sure Thing” excess reduction option as you get $0 (nil) excess, free hire of a table and chair for each passenger.

Reduction Option Cost (per day) Excess
The Gambler $0 $3,000
On the Fence $20 $2,000
Sure Thing $30 $0 (nil)


Please read Lucky Rentals’ Terms and Conditions for further information.

Check out the areas of Australia where an Outback Fee applies.

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